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The 2017 United States Grand Prix takes place this weekend at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Lewis Hamilton has dominated the second half of the campaign, as main rival Sebastian Vettel has been beset by problems. The… Read more

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The 16th round of the 2017 FIA Formula One season takes place this weekend at the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. Nico Rosberg was victorious here last year, with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in second. Rosberg’s teammate last year Lewis Hamilton… Read more

England host Slovenia in a Group F World Cup 2018 qualifier at Wembley Stadium this evening. Gareth Southgate’s men will hope to improve on the goalless stalemate in last October’s reverse fixture, in the knowledge that a victory tonight will… Read more

  • Johann Walisch

    I am getting really frustrated and a lot of my friends as well with this biased SKY Sports F1 Reporters.
    It is just not on in glorifying Rosberg and attacking our own Champ Hamilton all the time. I think those underachieving ex F1 drivers are a disgrace to the sport and should be fired straight away. And especially those guy’s Croft and Cravitz. What jokers those are, support our own drivers and not always looking for faults. How many titles have they got? J.Herbert ” None ” Martin Brundle ” None ” Davidson None. Guys show some respect to Lewis Hamilton 3 times Champ, 48 Race wins We rest our case!!!
    If it is carrying on we will cancel our sky sports subscription and stop watching it full stop.

  • Linda Petrie

    As far as the time it’s apparently taking to design and test the so called ‘Hallo’ till 2018 now or for that matter any other safety feature for the drivers benefit alone, if it were a new type of turbo charger unit allowable under the rules available to any team every manufacturer and team would immediately race off and have it design perfect adapted on every car by next week.brislinda

    • Who the hell cares Linda? Who, in the past 20 years, would this halo have saved the life of?

  • kw

    I get really annoyed at the use “1-thousandths” – as in “3 1-thousandths of a second” in commentary! Come on, it’s sufficient to say “3 thousandths of a second”. After all, you seem to have stopped adding “of anybody” to “fastest lap”. (Don’t get me started on “He gives 110%…”!)

  • Anonymous

    Ted Kravitz needs to go, he is one of the most annoying presenters on sky f1

  • Anonymous

    If you dont like watching ssf1 then watch c4.
    Just stop whining.

  • Tim Ellis

    He’s excellent. It’s just a matter of taste, I guess.

  • Tim Ellis

    I was watching an interview that Martin Brundle had with Ross Brawn on the way to the track last weekend and found myself disagreeing with both of them. I don’t know if I was misinterpreting what they were saying, or if they were misrepresenting themselves, but I sat there telling them, “No.”
    Martin said, ”The bottom line is people in the grandstands and people turning on their televisions. If we haven’t got that, we’ve got nothing.”
    Ross agreed: “If you improve that, then everything else falls into line.”
    Following the interview, Pat Symonds commented, “The priority is entertainment. We’ve always had this trichotomy. Is it a sport? Is it entertainment? Is it a business? We’ve got to bring entertainment. The rest will follow.”
    All these gentlemen, by virtue of their background and their close involvement over the years, have a deeper knowledge of Formula 1 than I. I’m just an avid viewer, so I respectfully offer my differing perspective.
    Think back to the roots. Motor racing developed out of man’s desire to compete and push himself. Almost as soon as the motor car was invented, people were trying to see how fast they could make them go and people were trying to outdo each other. Formula 1 developed out of that and became synonymous with technical development.
    Motor racing was created before spectators were considered, and Formula 1 developed before television was considered, and before there was any sponsorship involvement. The nature of the sport created interest outside of those who participated in it. The level of interest naturally invited coverage in newspapers, magazines, newsreels and television. That level of exposure finally attracted sponsors.
    It can be argued that the complexity of the interaction of the various components of Formula 1 – or even just the vast sums of money involved – dictate that it has to be run as a business. It can be argued that not just the competitors, but the entity itself, is in competition. It is in competition not just with other sports, but with other forms of entertainment. There is little doubt that the viewing audience is more sophisticated these days and that they are spoiled for choice when it comes to entertainment.
    But you can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. What attracted people to Formula 1 in the first place was the nature of the beast. It was leading edge competition and it was thrilling. There were a lot of ancillaries and add-ons: The speed. The noise. The excitement. The danger. The glamour. And so on.
    In my opinion, the most critical aspect of Pat’s triumvirate is the sport. Get that right and you have entertainment as a by-product! Automatically, Shaun has something that can be packaged and presented and promoted in a variety of ways. Entertainment brings the people in large numbers, and large numbers attract the sponsors and advertisers with their money. Chase can have his strategy meetings, develop business models, decide core values, make mission statements and all that management stuff. But business needs a nucleus around which to work. Give them a strong sport, and both Shaun and Chase will have something worthwhile to work with. Get the sport right, then everything else can fall into place.
    That’s my perspective, for what it’s worth.

    Tim Ellis

  • dobyblue

    Is it just me or is one of the team missing here? Or is the younger blonde who often does the interviews on the bus not a member of the Sky team?