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Orla Guerin is a BBC News Correspondent based in Africa. Prior to this, she was a Middle East Correspondent. Orla joined the BBC as news correspondent in 1995 and in January 1996 was posted to the West Coast of America… Read more

Damian Grammaticas is a Europe Correspondent for BBC News. He joined the BBC in 1994 and became Hong Kong correspondent in 2000, covering stories from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Australia and the Philippines. Grammaticas became BBC Moscow… Read more

Chris Morris has been a BBC Europe Correspondent since 2001. Prior to this, he was the BBC’s Turkey Correspondent and he has also been based in Sri Lanka and Washington. Chris joined the BBC in 1988 as a member of… Read more

Mark Mardell is BBC News’ Europe Editor. Previously, Mark was the BBC’s chief political correspondent. Mark joined the BBC in 1989 as political correspondent for the BBC’s Six O’Clock News. Mark is married and has three children.

Matthew Price is a BBC Middle East Correspondent, based in Jerusalem – a position he has held since 2004. Prior to this, he was the BBC’s Belgrade correspondent from 2002 and covered events across the former Yugoslavia and Albania. Matthew… Read more

James Reynolds has been a BBC Middle East correspondent, based in Jerusalem, since 2001. James joined the BBC in 1997 on a News trainee scheme. Since then, he has also been the BBC’s South America Correspondent where he covered such… Read more

Caroline Hawley is a BBC News Special Correspondent. Prior to this, she was based in Iraq following the second Gulf War and later undertook a brief spell in Jerusalem. Caroline joined the BBC in 1994 as a newsroom journalist for… Read more

Laura Trevelyan is the BBC’s Correspondent based at the UN. Since 2004, Laura had been a BBC Correspondent based in Washington. Prior to this, she was a Political correspondent. Laura’s first job at the BBC was in 1993 as a… Read more

David Willis has held his current position of California correspondent since 2000. He is currently based in Los Angeles, reporting on a range of stories from the region including the Academy Awards. Prior to this, he was the BBC’s Asia… Read more

Mike Wooldridge is a BBC World Affairs Correspondent. Mike joined BBC News in April 1970 and over the next eight years he moved from sub-editor to duty editor, covering the 1972 United Nations General Assembly and General Franco’s death in… Read more

John Simpson is BBC News’ World Affairs Editor. In a BBC career spanning more than 30 years, John has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most experienced and authoritative journalists. His first job with the BBC was as… Read more

Gavin Hewitt is a special correspondent for BBC News. Gavin became a special correspondent for BBC News at the beginning of 2000. He has covered the September 11 terror attacks and the Bali bombing for the BBC’s Ten O’Clock News… Read more