CBS News Reporters

Hari Sreenivasan is a CBS News correspondent for CBS News based in Dalls. Until February 2007, he was a New York-based ABC News correspondent. Prior to that he was a news anchor on ABC’s World News Now, serving as lead… Read more

Farhan Bokhari is a reporter for CBS News based in Islamabad, Pakistan.“

Elizabeth Palmer is a correspondent for CBS News. She has been based in London since late 2003, having been originally based in Moscow (2000-03). Elizabeth has spent much of her CBS News tenure, since the 9/11 attacks, reporting on the… Read more

Dean Reynolds is a CBS News correspondent based in Chicago. Reynolds has been a correspondent for ABC News for the past 23 years, reporting primarily for “World News.” In addition to major domestic stories, including President Gerald Ford’s funeral, he… Read more

David Martin is a CBS news correspondent. Martin has been CBS News’ national security correspondent, covering the Pentagon and the State Department, since 1993. In that capacity, he has reported virtually every major defense, intelligence and international affairs story for… Read more

Cynthia Bowers is a CBS News Correspondent based in Chicago. Her first job in television was as an intern at the Armed Forces Network station in Berlin, Germany, followed by weekend “go-fer” work at ABC in New York. She attended… Read more

Chip Reid is the congressional correspondent for CBS News. He was previously with NBC News where he covered politics and Capitol Hill.

Byron Pitts is a reporter for CBS news. He covered the September 11, 2001 attacks and Iraq. He graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1982, and is an alumnus of Archbishop Curley High School in Baltimore, MD.

Bob Schieffer is a correspondent for CBS News. Joining CBS News in 1969 and serving 23 years as anchor on the Saturday edition of CBS Evening News from 1973-1996; chief Washington correspondent since 1982, Face the Nation since 1991, and,… Read more

Bob Orr is the Justice Department correspondent for CBS News. Orr has covered the transportation beat for CBS News in Washington since 1993. Since the 9/11 attacks, he has also covered homeland security, with an emphasis on aviation and terrorism…. Read more

Bill Whitaker is a CBS News Correspondent based in Los Angeles. He reports regularly for the CBS Evening News and other CBS News broadcasts. Whitaker lives with his wife, the former Teresita Conley, and their two children in Los Angeles…. Read more

Bianca Solorzano is a correspondent for CBS News. Prior to joining CBS News, Solorzano was an anchor on MSNBC.