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Kevin Maguire is a political journalist, currently Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror newspaper. Earlier in his career Maguire was Chief Reporter for The Guardian. Maguire is a frequent contributor to Sky News and the BBC. He appeared on Have… Read more

Kate Williams is a British author, historian and TV presenter. Williams appears frequently on TV as a presenter and expert, specialising in social, constitutional and royal history. She commented extensively on the 2011 royal wedding and appears often on BBC… Read more

James Max is a journalist and radio presenter specialising in current affairs and business issues. He presents programmes for London talk radio station LBC 97.3. He also previews the newspapers on Sky News.

Jacqueline Smith – born 3 November 1962 – was the Member of Parliament for Redditch from 1997 until 2010. She was the first female Home Secretary and the third woman to hold one of the Great Offices of State, after… Read more

Iain Dale – born 15 July 1962 in Cambridge – is best known for his conservative-minded British political blog Iain Dale’s Diary (founded in 2002) and for his frequent appearances on UK news channels as a political commentator. He is… Read more

Rebecca Seal is a journalist, editor, TV presenter and author based in London Specialising in food, drink, lifestyle and human interest features her work has been published in the Financial Times, Guardian, Sunday Times, Times, Sunday Telegraph, Observer, Glamour, Grazia… Read more

Henry Winter is an English sports journalist, currently football correspondent of The Daily Telegraph. After graduation, he spent a year producing a magazine on sport in London. He then joined The Independent newspaper at its launch, writing a sports and… Read more

Harry Cole is a political journalist and media commentator Harry is a Contributing Editor at The Spectator and blogs on the Guido Fawkes website alongside Paul Staines. Harry can be seen previewing the newspapers on Sky News.

Fraser Nelson is a political journalist and editor of The Spectator magazine. He often appears on Sky News to preview the newspapers.

David Wooding is a Journalist and broadcaster who has worked for 7 national news organisations. He was the Associate Political Editor of The Sun since 2012 before becoming Political Editor at The Sun on Sunday in 2013. David can been… Read more