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Andrew Pierce – Sky Papers – It’s The Cat

Larry the Downing Street catcsayvtered past nose in air aware. At loathing Tory hating @Kevin_Maguire was on his doorstep — Andrew Pierce (@toryboypierce) June 12, 2017 @toryboypierce trying to tempt the Downing St cat Larry: 'I'm a Tory'. — Anna Botting (@annabotting) June 12,…

Kevin Maguire is a political journalist, currently Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror newspaper. Earlier in his career Maguire was Chief Reporter for The Guardian. Maguire is a frequent contributor to Sky News and the BBC. He appeared on Have I Got News for You…

SkyPapers breaksdown 09-12 23-58-19

Funny moment on tonight’s Press Preview when presenter Anna Botting, Andrew Pierce & Kevin Maguire began laughing uncontrollably. Andrew Pierce mocked the weight of former escort boss Natalie Rowe, the women linked to a story of sex and cocaine with the current chancellor, George Osborne.