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Jeff Randall sits down to Christmas dinner with three of the most powerful and knowledgeable people in business to reflect on the past 12 months and to consider what 2012 will hold for the country’s economy. Chief executive of Sainsbury’s… Read more

A Year to Remember – Sky News Promo 2011

Sky News Promo 2011 – Europe in Crisis

Sky News Promo 2011 – Autumn Statement

Sky News Promo 2011 – The most amazing stories… are real

The Jackson Trial – Sky News Promo 2011

Alex Crawford “That’s why her story needs to be told” Holly Williams “Searching for stories that are hidden away” Alex Crawford “We had to show what happened in Zawiya” Holly Williams “People trust me to tell their stories” Sam Kiley… Read more

Sky News Promo 2011 – Why are they Rioting?

Sky News’ Royal wedding promo

Sky News Promo – Sky News for iPad

Sky News Promo – Japan Tsunami