Sky News Reporters

Hannah Thomas-Peter Images – Sky News (1)

Hannah Thomas-Peter is correspondent for Sky News based in New York. Since moving to New York she has covered high profile stories from Wall Street, the UN, and the terror trials of some of the world’s most wanted men. She… Read more

Rhiannon Mills Images – Sky News (10)

Rhiannon Mills is royal correspondent for Sky News Since 2002, Rhiannon has worked for a range of local and international media organisations from Sky News to ITV and BBC regional television as well as commercial radio stations. Rhiannon has appeared… Read more

Adam Parsons Images – Sky News (1)

Adam Parsons – born 15 July 1970 – is a business correspondent for Sky News Parsons was a Sports Correspondent for BBC News, appearing regularly on BBC One, BBC Radio and BBC News Channel. He co-presented Your News, shown on… Read more

Nick Martin Images – Sky News (1)

Nick Martin is a North of England correspondent for Sky News. Previous to this, he worked in the same field for Channel 4 News..

Laura Bundock is a Political Correspondent at Sky News.

Michelle Clifford – Sky News Correspondent

Michelle Clifford is a correspondent for Sky News – currently reporting on European affairs and the UK’s exit from the European Union.

Tom Parmenter Images – Sky News (1)

Tom Parmenter is a correspondent at Sky News His exclusive interview with four teenage looters just days after the August 2011 riots provoked a huge reaction and revealed just why young people felt justified in getting involved in the unprecedented… Read more