CNN Presenters

Sam Kiley is senior international correspondent for CNN. He has more than three decades of journalistic experience. After beginning his journalism career at the Johannesburg Star, Kiley returned to academia to study at Oxford University, before joining The Times (of… Read more

Hannah Vaughan Jones (nee Tallett) is a presenter on CNN. Prior to this, Hannah covered some of the biggest breaking news stories during six years at Sky, including the Japanese tsunami, the Arab Spring of 2011, the hunt for missing… Read more

Isha Sesay presents World News bulletins from Atlanta for CNN International. Isha joined CNN in 2005 from ITV where she presented the networks Morning News programme. Prior to this, she worked as a presenter for Sky Sports News. Isha also… Read more

Rosemary Church presents World News bulletins from Atlanta for CNN International. Rosemary joined CNN in 1998 and has anchored major world events such as the September 11th terrorist attacks against the United States; the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and… Read more

Kristie Lu Stout co-presents CNN Today with Hugh Riminton live from Hong Kong each weekday. Kristie joined CNN in 2001 and also hosts CNN’s monthly program, ‘Global Office.’ During her time at CNN, Kristie has covered a wide range of… Read more

Becky Anderson presents Business International each weeknight from London for CNN. Becky joined CNN in 1999 and is also regularly sent out to present breaking news events from the scene. She played a lead role in the network’s extensive coverage… Read more

Hala Gorani presents Your World Today on CNN each weekday alongside Jim Clancy. Hala assumed this role in 2006 and also anchors and files monthly reports for ‘Inside the Middle East’, a half-hour programme featuring stories on the most important… Read more

Jim Clancy co-presents Your World Today from Atlanta each weekday with Hala Gorani on CNN. While based at CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Clancy is also the moderator for ‘CNN Connects,’ the network’s signature global panel discussion program, showcasing the… Read more

Colleen McEdwards co-presents Your World Today with Michael Holmes each weekday from Atlanta. Colleen joined CNN from CBC where she was a senior political correspondent and worked on many major elections. McEdwards won several awards for her political reporting, including… Read more

Michael Holmes co-presents Your World Today on CNN with Colleen McEdwards each weekday. Michael also reports for the channel. Michael joined CNN in 1996 as the channels first Australian anchor. As an anchor, he has interviewed prime ministers and presidents… Read more

Anjali Rao co-presents World News Asia with Andrew Stevens each weekday on CNN. Anjali joined CNN from Sky News in 2006 where she worked as a overnight and stand-in presenter. Anjali has covered many of the major stories of the… Read more

Max Foster hosts the morning show ‘CNN Today’ alongside his co-anchor, Monita Rajpal, in London. Prior to joining CNN, Max was a Business reporter for BBC Breakfast. He also occasionally presented the news and business bulletins on the programme. Foster… Read more