Big Brother 2011: Aaron and Jem Face Eviction

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Aaron Allard-Morgan and Jemma Palmer face this week’s eviction.

In another twist to the nomination process, housemates’ friends and families made the nominations on their behalf.

Aaron’s brother voted for Jem and Jay
Alex’s mum voted for Faye and Jem
Faye’s mum voted for Harry and Aaron
Harry’s girlfriend voted for Jay and Jem
Jay’s mum voted for Aaron and Faye
Jem’s boyfriend voted for Aaron and Harry
Louise’s mum voted for Aaron and Harry
Tom’s mum voted for Aaron and Jem

Aaron and Jem received the most nomiations and will face the public in a vote to save – voting will open later tonight.

You’ll be able to see highlights of today’s nominations with [[Emma Willis]] on tonight’s Big Brother’s Bit on the side – Channel 5 at 11pm.

Last updated: Monday 24 October 2011
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