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Rebecca Hannon

Age 19

Star Sign Scorpio

Home Town Blackburn

Interesting Fact
Wears knickers big enough to be a parachute!

Bubbly, larger than life 19-year-old, Rebecca is currently in her first year of drama college and has previously been an extra on Shameless.

She picked up the bug for acting while at school. “I’d love to have a show on CBeebies, no classical stuff, it has to be very exaggerated and contemporary, like a drag queen type. I want to be Mrs Tumbles.”

Rebecca has only had one major relationship and she is still with him. She says she’s only fancied one boy and that’s her boyfriend.

In the Big Brother House, she says she’d like to be a leader. “I’d get them all ship shaped, I’m a bit of bossy boots, I’m so strong willed, but don’t take things too seriously.” She would prefer physical tasks and thinks she’ll be the House gossip. “I’m a nosey bitch! But I can keep a secret.”

Last updated: Friday 8 June 2012
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