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This is it! Phillip Schofield and Christine Bleakley will present the grand final of this year’s Dancing on Ice live on ITV1 tonight.

Only three celebrities and their dancing partners remain in the running, and they are each hoping to be crowned 2012 champions.

The celebrities and their professional stakers – Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers, Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova and Chico & Jodeyne Higgins – will perform their favourite routine from the series as well as a final ‘showcase’ routine which will incorporate their own ideas, from styling to lighting.

The phone lines will then open for viewers to vote for their favourite skater, but one will be eliminated before the final two skaters perform their version of Bolero.

The finalists will also be reunited with all this year’s celebrities and pro-skaters – Jennifer Ellison & Dan Whiston, Heidi Range & Andrei Lipanov, Rosemary Conley & Mark Hanratty, Chemmy Alcott & Sean Rice, Laila Morse & Lukasz Rozychi, Charlene Tilton & Matt Gonzalez, Andy Whyment & Vicky Ogden, Sebastien Foucan & Brianne Delcourt, Corey Feldman & Brooke Castile, Andy Akinwolere & Maria Filippov, Mark Rhodes & Frankie Poultney and Sam Nixon & Alexandra Schauman – as they take to the ice for the last time.

Plus Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean will perform Bolero accompanied by opera singers Laura Wright and Noah Stewart.

Dancing on Ice: The grand final – ITV1 and ITV1 HD – Tonight, 6:50pm

Live Scores:

The Final Showcase

First on the ice, dancing to Gene Kelly’s Singin’ In The Rain, are Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova

Louie = 10.0
Robin = 10.0
Katarina = 10.0
Total = 30.0

The second couple on the ice, skating to Fame by Irene Cara, are Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers

Louie = 10.0
Robin = 9.5
Katarina = 9.5
Total = 29.0

The last couple on the ice, performing to Happy Days by Pratt & McClain, are Chico & Jodeyne Higgins

Louie = 8.5
Robin = 8.5
Katarina = 9.0
Total = 26.0

Favourite routine from the series

Back on the ice, dancing to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, are Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova.. This routine scored 26.0 in week 8

Louie = 9.5
Robin = 9.5
Katarina = 9.5
Total = 28.5

The Second couple back on the ice, staking to Falling by Alicia Keys, are Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers.. This routine scored 26.0 in week 6

Louie = 10.0
Robin = 10.0
Katarina = 10.0
Total = 30.0

The last couple back on the ice, staking to Sexy And I Know It by LMAO, are Chico & Jodeyne Higgins.. This routine scored 25.0 in week 9

Louie = 10.0
Robin = 10.0
Katarina = 10.0
Total = 30.0

The leaderboard:

The judges scores don’t count for anything tonight, only viewers phone votes will decide who is eliminated and who will perform their version of Bolero.

The Results:

Finishing in third place are…. Chico & Jodeyne Higgins.. Which means Jorgie Porter and Matthew Wolfenden will perform the Bolero in a bid to be crowned the winner of Dancing on Ice 2012.

Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova perform the Bolero:

Jorgie Porter & Matt Evers perform the Bolero:

The phone lines are now open and will close shortly…

The champions of Dancing on Ice 2012 are…. Matthew Wolfenden & Nina Ulanova

Last updated: Sunday 25 March 2012
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