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The Apprentice 2012 – Week 2 – Tonight on BBC One at 9pm

The Apprentice 2012 – Week 2 – Tonight on BBC One at 9pm

The second episode of The Apprentice 2012, will air on BBC One tonight.

Last week, Bilyana Apostolova was the first candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar following the first task ‘The Blank Canvas’ were the boys competed against the girls. Each team had to buy blank goods, and add value by printing a design onto them and then selling them from stalls on the streets of London.

Spoiler Alert: below is a synopsis of the what the candidates are tasked with in the second episode — doesn’t contain any results.

The remaining fifteen candidates – Michael Copp, Azhar Siddique, Nick Hozherr, Tom Gearing, Duane Bryan, Adam Corbally,Ricky Martin, Stephen Brady, Laura Hogg, Maria O’Connor, Jenna Whittingham, Jane McEvoy, Gabrielle Omar, Katie Wright and Jade Nash – are called to the Victoria and Albert Museum by Lord Sugar.

Their task is to invent a new household gadget, create a prototype and pitch for orders to some of the country’s biggest retailers.

The teams go window shopping in the world of homeware, looking for gaps in the market. The girls become focussed on the bathroom, while the boys stay firmly in the kitchen.

Both teams are torn between two competing ideas, and to help reach a decision test their concepts with consumers. Next stop is to brief designers, who will build the gadgets overnight, but a last minute change of mind causes confusion and consternation.

The Apprentice, Week 2 – BBC One and BBC One HD – Tonight, 9pm

Updated: Wednesday 28 March 2012
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